Our Vision

It’s simple! We believe any content you put into the public domain should be of the same quality you strive for with the rest of your business.

Getting Your Message Out!

It’s all about the product, right? – Wrong!

While a great product or service is the basis for success it’s just one part of the total picture. It’s as much about image, presentation and marketability as it is about the quality and creativity of the product.

We make it happen.

We understand that keeping ahead of the game in an ever changing and complex digital eco-system is time consuming and requires specialist skills.

With more than 30 years experience in the industry we know how to cut through the noise and help you get the attention you deserve while leaving you the time to concentrate on what matters to you – Your core business!

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

You’ve spent hours in the studio, it’s mixed and mastered, now what? – Let us take it from here.

Whether it’s a Digipak, Jewel Box, Vinyl Sleeve, iTunes digital booklet or any other hybrid packaging we can produce it. Not only this, through our partners we can also take care of the printing and replication providing a one-stop shop for your new release. Contact us to discuss you needs.

Video is currently the best way to get your message out. Great live video get’s you gigs. Strong promo video’s help you sell albums and puts “Bums on Seats” at that all important gig.

We can produce high quality video for all your needs, be it a full live production or editing your existing footage into strong promo video’s that work. Our prices are affordable and the quality can’t be topped.

Promoters and Bookers receive 100’s of mails each day from musicians looking for that club or festival date. Most promoters tell us that you have approximately 60 seconds to make an impact.

Our EPK’s have been designed to meet the needs of the people that count – i.e. the decision makers. Whether it’s an online-EPK or interactive PDF we can produce an EPK that will get you noticed.

Yes, the’re are still relevant. Think of digital banners for social media, printed flyers for the new album, venue posters for the coming tour, or sign-up forms for the newsletter.

We can design a full package of printed marketing material that’s consistent, branded and most important effective.

Your website is one of your most important assets. We build websites optimised for the music business with all the functionality you need to make the best impression.

Our Clients

We are proud to have these (and many more) great musicians, companies and organisations as clients.

Our Services

We offer a full range of services for musicians and organisations within the Music Industry. Whether it’s the design of your new release, production of your promotional material or a complete website we can deliver the highest quality at competitive prices.

Graphic Design

Your image is important. We deliver high quality creative designs that enhance your branding. Be it the design for your next release, tour poster or online banners we're up for it.

Video Production

These days, high quality video content is a must. Not only is great video the best way to present you music it's also the best way to engage with your fans. We produce promotional video's that hit their target.

Web Design

Your website is one of your most important assets. We build websites optimised for the music business with all the functionality you need to make the best impression.

Copy Writing

These days very few people read large amounts of text online. Every word counts and it must be short and straight to the point. Our copy writers understand how to get your message across.

Digital Marketing

Social media is the best form of outreach for the music industry and one of the best ways to grow your fan base. This said, as you know it takes time and to be successful you DO need to have a strategy. We can lift this burden from you allowing you time to do whats important - Making Great Music.

EPK Production

A strong EPK is a musicians best asset. With years of experience in creating EPK's that work, we can produce an EPK for you that will grab the attention of Promoters, Booker's and of course the Press.

CD - Vinyl production Packages


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