TJP New Release Promotional Videos

TJP New Release Promotional Videos

About this project

Philadelphia based Jazz Band “TJP” recently released their new Album titled “Peace and Love”. The band commissioned us to create a series of promotional videos and video advertisements for the release.

We engaged award winning documentary maker Henry Nevison to shoot the footage during the sound check for a concert at the Caplan Performing Arts Center in down town Philly. As we did not have quality live audio to use we decided to have the band perform the material as close to the album version as possible and sync the footage to the studio recording in post production.

As the album cover featured a photo of a butterfly (their first album featured a caterpillar) we decided to make this a theme and produced a series of motion graphic’s featuring an animated butterfly to use as a intro and transition between live footage and info stills.


Date:  30/03/2018
Skills:  After Effects, Motion Graphics, Page, Premiere Pro, Video Production