Jazzahead Promotional Videos

Jazzahead Promotional Videos

About this project

Jazzahead! Is the worlds largest jazz Trade Show and Showcase festival bringing together over 900 exhibitors and 3000 professional participants each year in Bremen (Germany). The Jazzahead! management employed D.Q.B. Media to manage their Social Media out-reach and create the content necessary to successfully achieve their inbound marketing goals. Jazzahead! Is well established in Europe and the management stated that one of their main goals is to develop more reach within the American market.

We advised Jazzahead! that the most effective content will be video based. For the campaign we have created a series of short video’s for their social media platforms as well as a number of informative interviews based video’s targeted toward the American market.

Read more on the Jazzahead! Social Media campaign here.

Jazzahead! 2017 Showcase Promo


Date:  06/09/2013
Skills:  Video Production
Client:  Jazzahead!
Project URL:  Launch Project